Lime in the Coconut 4.5 oz. Soap

Lime in the Coconut 4.5 oz. Soap

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Product Description

🎉NEW 🙌

🌴Harry Nilsson said, "put de lime in de coconut, 🥥 then you feel better" - WE AGREE! 🤩 

Try one of our newest creations - CREAMY and SKIN-SOFTENING Lime in the Coconut Soap. Coconut is a favorite scent of both men and women and Lime Essential Oil gives it the perfect twist! 

Blended with ORGANIC SUNFLOWER and AVOCADO OILS, this soap will definitely make you feel better! : ) 

All Austin Natural Soap weigh in at a generous 4.5 oz. 

LIME IN THE COCONUT contains saponified oils of coconut, sustainable palm, olive, rice bran, organic suflower, organic avocado, water, lime essential oil, phthalate-free fragrance, and alfalfa powder.