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Customer Feedback What YOU Say

Updated 11/01/16

Howard H . from Pikesville MD "Thanks! I just placed an order with you online for 3 bars of your great soap. My daughter, Jenifer who lives in Austin, sent me a couple of bars as a gift, and I loved washing with them! I used them until there was absolutely nothing left, and now I'm ordering some new frangrances via email, and I'm sure that I'll love them, too. Keep up the good work, Austin Natural Soap!"

Tim E . from Fallbrook CA "Thanks! Can't tell you enough what an incredible product you have! I can't help but think what a HOT TICKET this would be out here but I can see why Internet sales would be the way to go. I try to push it to all my friends and so far great response."

Bridget B. from Tulsa OK - "I wanted to say thank you, my brother lives in Austin and I love this soap that he uses.. I will be buying more.. thank you again."

Jan T . from "I just want to tell you that I give your soaps to my friends as gifts and every time I do, I get the following feedback, “I LOVE LOVE LOVE that soap. . where did you get it?”  I am having a hard time keeping some for myself because I know they are the perfect gift.  The one surprise I have had is how many of my friends have told me they love the Patchouli –  I assumed I was the only one who loved patchouli but it turns out it has been the biggest hit.  "

Braden K . from " I purchased your soap awhile back, and I must say they are awesome! They last a long time, don't dry out my skin. They smell delightful, just all around I feel better using them, compared to the industrial mess they sell at stores. I love your soaps. So you got me as a customer for life! Have a great Day."

Lynn W. from Morongo Valley, CA "Love your soaps.  My daughter, who lives in Austin, introduced me to your soaps on one of my visits to her and I love them.  When I visit her I buy from your store, but unfortunately, I run out before my next visit, so I go to your on line store.  They are by far the best soaps I've ever used and will continue using them. Thanks for such a great product."

Judy J from Liberty Hill, TX (RE: Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap) "Hello!  The lady who does my facials recommended the above mentioned soap to me.  Do you still make this soap; and, if so, how may I order it?"

Store Customer from Austin, TX "Y'all are the REAL Austin soap people, right?"

Store Customer from Austin, TX "You guys are going to be my soap supply store!!!"

Atticus from Austin, TX "After a long and overwhelming trip to Whole Foods on Friday, I am very glad to have chosen your Honey Oatmeal soap. It smells absolutely amazing, and makes me feel cleaner than any soap I've ever used before. I will definitely be buying more online;it took me about half an hour to finally decide on Honey Oatmeal. I look forward to seeing what kinds of soap you will release in the future...Thank you again for providing a great, natural, and cruelty-free soap to me, my family, and in the months to come, my friends!"

Ashley S. from Austin, TX "I just wanted to say how much I love your products! I finally stopped at Austin Natural Soap the day that I had to move back home for the summer. I brought Hippie Hollow, Lemongrass, and Sunflower home to share with my mom. Because I am nuts for Patchouli, my favorit purchase was the roll on perfume! Next I want to try the Lavender-Patchouli soap and Patchouli essential oil. See you in the fall!"

Tim C. from Austin, TX "I bought your soap over Christmas and fell in love with it!"

Marcy M. from Elizabethtown, PA "You ROCK! I got my order last night and noticed a nice little Black Cherry surprise. I love it. Thanks for remembering. : ) I will be ordering more. "

Anne Marie L. from ?" I bought the Hempy Mint chapstick at ACL when I was having a chapped lip emergency and couldn't find my Burt's Bees. I am never going back to Burt. HEMPY MINT LIPBALM IS THE BEST STUFF EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kelly Ray from Conroe, TX " On a recent trip to Austin, we visited Whole Foods Downtown and purchased some of your great smelling soap. The excema I have had on my arms for a very long time has cleared up with the use of the soap. Thanks."

Anandi S. from Austin, TX " Hi! I normally never used bar soaps. The leave a film after a shower and aren't entirely all that pleasant to use. Recently, I started using your oatmeal and honey bar and I absolutely love it! My skin isn't dry, and there certainly isn't any gross film or anything. Please please please keep making them! Thanks."

Tammy A. from San Antonio, TX " I now have my whole family addicted to your products! We love you!"

Mike O. from Dallas, TX "I found your products at the local supermarket and I have to say that your "Wake Up" soap is the greatest thing to come in bar form since, I dunno, chocolate? Gold maybe?"

Tierney Y. from Austin, TX via Switzerland " I REALLY miss your soap. It is one of two kinds that I can use that does not completely damage my overly sensitive skin but actually makes it better."

Meredith M. from Austin, TX "About a month ago I bought a bar of your unscented olive oil soap to use for washing some wool soakers that I had crocheted for my baby.  I'd read that pure olive oil soap was the best to use because it won't strip the lanolin out of the wool, which gives the wool the ability to repel liquid...anyway we loved the soap, and my son wanted to try it.  He has very bad eczema, and nothing has seemed to help it (my husband and two more of my kids also have it, but not quite as bad), but after using your soap for about a week his eczema is gone.  COMPLETELY GONE!  I am thrilled and amazed with your wonderful product and would like to purchase more.  Will you be at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market on Saturday, or can you tell me where I can purchase this soap directly in Austin?  We will be your customers for life, I think!"

Kaye D. from Houston, TX "Patchouli is my husband's favorite! Glad we can always order online. I do believe we have become Austin Soap addicts."

Elsa P. from Harker Heights, TX " Thank you for the outstanding customer service and look for my name again; I have another round of gifts to send next month."

Danielle H . from San Antonio, TX " Hi. I recently purchased a bar of your patchouli soap from a little corner store while in Austin. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your soap!!! I have psoriasis and nothing really helps except tar shampoo which dries out your skin horribly. I actually bought the soap for my husband but tried it on myself when I ran out of my normal body wash. Much to my surprise & amazement, my psoriasis cleared up considerably after only one shower!!!! I can't wait to try more of your amazing products. I have been telling EVERYONE about you and plan to buy from you for Christmas. Once again, thank you & keep up the wonderful work!!! "

Craig M . from Casselberry, FL " I just wanted to send along a little thank you to you. Your soap is wonderful, the best I've found in lots of searching on the internet...your service is beyond compare, and the kindness you show me with each order is appreciated...and ALWAYS brings a smile to my face! Thank you so much, just for being nice. Much appreciated!"

Jeff W. from Oregon " Hello. I purchased your new soap Starry Night on 6th St. and I very much like it! You have a great scent here that is a good man's soap. If I may suggest finding a way to offer the scent in the perfume oil roll on or spray mist I will be the first to order it! BTW, I will be ordering more soaps very soon! Thanks for providing such a great product from home to one who is lost in Oregon.. "

Claire from Austin, TX "Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I like your soap. I received a free sample on Saturday at Whole Foods and I really like it. I have seen your soap before but sorry to say had not bought it. I will now. "

Ricardo G. from Austin, TX "Just to make you aware, I got the soaps and I love them. There great, they smell good and my guests keep stealing from me.... Overall, my household can't live without them.  "

Myra N. from Salado, TX "Loved reading the comments on your web site and wanted to contribute. LOVE your patchouli soap so much that I've ordered several other patchouli blends to try. But, I especially wanted to tell you how much I love the Vanilla Dreams perfume oil. I have practically worn nothing else this entire winter, and every time I wear it, I'm told how wonderful I smell. My husband loves it - always tells me I smell great, and my sister-in-law even asked me to get her some. Patchouli reminds me of my college days, which were some of the best years ever! Thanks for such wonderful products and aromas.  "

Julie A . from Lewiston, NY "I've been ordering your soaps for a while now and can't live without them.  My husband and I just took a 7-day trip and I forgot the soap so we had to use the hotel soap.  Our skin felt terrible!   "

Liz H . from Clarksville, AR "Our family loves Austin Natural Soaps and we are big fans. My husband loves Hippie Hollow and I love the aroma sprays - their scent last a long time.  "

Kathy K . from Magnolia, TX "Send more Bluegrass soap - it's my favorite! "

Skip R. "I thought I'd let you know that everyone in my family loved the soap gifts I sent them.  I've enjoyed the bars you sent to me as a thank you for my order. "

Jen P. from Austin, TX "thanks so much-i love the berry garcia. hope to return this fall, but until then I will continue to use your stuff. please enclose any info about your products. i have gotten my boss lady and her husband hooked as well. GO LONGHORNS!!!!"

Sherry F. from Lakeland, FL "Hi, I ordered some of your wonderful soap at christmastime for my husband, and now I am hooked too! .Thank you, Two HUGE fans!!"

LaNae C. from Dallas, TX "I found your soap at the State Fair of Texas! As an ex-Austinite and Hippie Hollow regular I quickly picked up bars for everyone on my Christmas list."

David H. from Austin, TX "You guys make the best soaps."

Kathy L. from Carrollton, TX "I received my order today and I want to thank you for the nice little surprise I found in my order. It is a pleasure doing business with you. "

Mollie G. from San Antonio, TX "I used to order directly from you until central market in san antonio began carrying your soap. your soap is one of my greatest pleasures!"

Gayle C. from Houston, TX "My mother bought me some of the Hippy Hollow soap. My bathroom smells divine from the soap...I want my whole house to smell like that!"

Julie B. from Big Pine Key, FL --" ... he thought it was the BEST SOAP EVER! Plus, I would much rather my sister use your all-natural products than the commercial junk she buys because she just get how awful that stuff really is. Thank you for your time and for your great products and service."

Misti T. from Huntsville TX --" My dog just loves the dog bone soap, and we need to re-order to keep him happy, but I could not find it on the website. Is there any way that I could order 2 bars of it? He will be SO happy if he can get more, and his owners, too! " (COMING SOON TO THE WEBSITE)

Kathy L. from Carrollton TX --" Thank you for such quick turn-around! And the little extra in the package (lip balm). Yours in the only soap we use and I sometimes give it as gifts just to introduce people to it. Take care and thanks for having a product that is so fantastic. "

Ken R . from Omaha, NE --" I really do love your soap! Thanks for the great product. "

Betty M . from Austin, TX --" I got 2 bars of soap today at People's Pharmacy on North Lamar. My husband and I both love your soap, even though we used it only today...can tell it's great. Gotta try the Lavender/Patchouli next. "

Rebecca P. from Lewis Center, OH --"I love your soaps! Thank you for making such wonderful products! "

Russ D. from Austin, TX --"Thanks for the free gift. I love your soap. "

Craig M . from Casselberry, FL --"Thanks as always. So glad I found you on the net! My favorite soaps ever. "

Rona D. from Austin, TX --" I buy your soap at festivals and fairs and use it every day. I love it. "

Debby S . from Woodville, TX --" Thank you very much for sending my Bluebonnet Soap. I love it! My husband actually hid the package and then put the soap in my Christmas stocking as a surprise. We have a Texas guest bathroom where your Texas soaps will be just perfect! "

Kalyse M. from Richardson, TX --" I am a huge fan of the Honey Oatmeal Scented soap and was hoping to get 10-15 bars for stocking stuffers to show my family the Austin Soap "light"! ".

Gina C . from Steger, IL --"Thanks -- received my order yesterday, right on time. I love the soaps. Love your company. I have 12 tutors -- 1 man and 11 women of all different ages -- for whom I need to shop each Christmas on a budget. It's not easy! Over the weekend, I googled "natural soaps" -- and yours was the most impressive site I saw. We love and use hemp products all the time for eating, clothing and hygiene / cosmetics. We'll be sure to visit your site again. Thanks for getting this order out so quickly. You have a new customer. "

Peggy P . from Natchez, MS --"Your wonderful soaps have bailed me out for present giving for my assorted God Children, house guests and my own luxurious bath. Thanks a zillion. "

Dawn P . from New Haven, CT --"I moved to Connecticut from Austin last year, and I've been very sad to have had to give up my favorite Austin Soaps. Out of frustration with the boring soap taking up space in my shower, this morning I decided to go online to see if maybe, just maybe, I could order some of my old soapy friends through the internet. And - voila! I found your website! I can't believe I never went looking for such a thing when I first moved here, because I've spent a year deprived of your products. The Northeast cold, it slows the brain - we don't think as quickly in these parts. I've just ordered a bunch of bars of your soap, and I can't wait until they arrive. Thanks so much for your awesome products - they make this former Austinite very, very happy, and very, very clean. "

Virginia F. from Millersville, PA --"I just ordered my first soap products from you and I am so excited. I have recently read the book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau. I am drastically changing the environment of our home as a result. I did not realize the amount of chemicals I consumed and absorbed through my skin on a daily basis...all because I thought if it was FDA approved, it was safe. Silly me! Anyway I can not wait to get your products and I am hopeful that this is the start of a great relationship! Your web site was terrific, explained everything I wanted to know and was so easy to use. ...thanks for offering chemical free products. I so appreciate it! "

Laura K. from Huntsville, TX -- " Garrett really likes the Devil Duck Soap and when he saw it he immediately wanted to take a bath. "

Overheard from a repeat customer at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin, TX --"This is the best f***ing soap in the world!!!"

Beth W. from Boulder City, NV --"Your product is the best I have ever used, it is easy to sell because of my great belief in it! "

Lisa M. from Chico, TX --"the Soap is FANTASTIC!!!!!!! "

Tammy G. from Pekin, IN --"Hi Annette, we loved the Patchouli soap! It smell awesome and I have used it everyday since getting it."

Tom A. from Kerrville, TX --"I love your soap, especially the Patchouli. The soap is wonderful and so is the fragrance. "

Craig M. from Casselberry, FL --"Wow! Thank you for the very quick service! I suddenly want to take five showers right in a row so I can try out all my new soaps. Nice to do business with someone who seems to appreciate it. Thanks again. Hope the day treats you well today. "

Adam C. from Austin, TX --"I love your soap :)... I had a hard time eating up the price tag for awhile but was buying them anyway and then when I went back to a regular soap bar I went back and started buying yours .. You can just tell its so much better for your skin.. anyhoo keep up the good work.. Just to let you know how I got hooked and have now hooked others.. "

Babett P. from Philadelphia, PA --"Thanks for making such a wonderful product. "

Kathy L. from Carrollton, TX --"Thank you for such a quick turn-a-round! I am once again enjoying Austin Soap! Have a peace filled day! "

Darlene W. from Austin, TX --"Thank you so very much for your donation to the Austin Film Festival this year. The natural soaps were a tremendous hit with our VIPs and all of us working on the basket creations. Samples of your product were in the hands of many celebrities, screenwriters and Hollywood producers. We look forward to working with you again next year!"

Dennis K . from Worthington, OH --"First, just wanted to say I finished my first bar of Hippie Hollow…Very NICE!! Now I’m onto Rosemary Mint, very nice as well!! "

Erin Y. from Fredericksburg, VA --"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your product. I recently visited my parents in Austin and purchased your Lemongrass soap at Central Market. I love it! It has helped so much with dry skin. I went to your website to order more! "

Dina A. from Austin, TX --"Just gotta tell you that the Olive Oil soap is the best soap I’ve ever used on my skin. I get so many compliments!"

Scott B. from Austin, TX --"I got the soap you sent me this week. Thank you very much. It's got that cool spicy sent I like. Your customer service ROCKS! -another satisfied customer "

Neal A . from Santa Cruz, CA --"I just wanted to let you know how much I like the soap. I lived in Austin until 1975 and used to hitch hike out to Lake Travis to swim at Hippie Hollow with my friends. I have many fond memories of Austin and that ranks near the top. Concerts at Armadillo World Headquarters, Barton Springs and Oat Willy's. Good times, good times. Thanks for the fine product and the happy memories. "

Yuko K. from Kyoto, Japan --"The order arrived. They are very good scent and usage feeling is good. The scent which is not in the store in Japan. Interesting and natural! The time of a bath becomes pleasant. I think when all the soap that it has now is used, Moreover, I want to buy other things. And I'll recommend to friends. I am sorry that it is poor at English. "Kiten no hannei wo oinori shimasu" --- It is a meaning "May the fortune visits to your shop!" Thank you. "

Lisa V. from Woodbride, VA --"Hippie hollow soap and the lip balms are great, I will definately recommend Austin soaps to all my friends."

Lisa F. from Addison, TX --"Got the goodies, and I love the lip balms. I'll be ordering some of those for stocking stuffers for sure! And thanks for the free soap! Something for ME! "

Mavis T. from Austin, TX --"I'm here in Austin and wondering where I can buy your lip balms at retail--I need some of that good stuff NOW! I am addicted."

Noelle H . from Austin, TX --"I live in Austin and I think your soaps are just great. I really think it is fabulous that you donate some of your profits to different enviromental causes. "

Harry G. from South Pasadena, CA --"Please ship ASAP. I've run out of your soap, and my family won't let me sleep indoors anymore until I "come clean." "

Ikuko M . from Okazaki Aichi Japan --"I got my order today. Soaps look and smell good!Thank you for Texas Tumbleweed Soap,I like it very much. My family and I really enjoy your soaps. The packing and the wrapping is an excellent and arrives quickly. I am pleased with the products and the excellent service for Austin Natural Soap. Thank you. "

Ginger S. from Warner Robins, GA --"I got my yummy Hippie Hollow soap today and I just wanted to thank you for the clay mask freebie. It's absolutely scrumptious, too!! And my soap got to me so quickly, too!!! "

Gayathri B. from Austin, TX --"The soaps & the scrub came yesterday. They are wonderful. The Mother Earth especially smells so good. ... They are different & better from the handmade herbal soaps I have purchased in the past. "

Pamela P. from Lakeway, TX --"Annette, thanks so much for sending the free lavender soap. So far it's my favorite! "

Reanna W. from Charleston, SC --"i am in total adoration of wake up! ive been using it on my facial area and it completely cleared up my acne and has helped so much with the appearance of my oily skin."

Patty L. from Austin, TX--"Today received my second order of goodies from you all. Products are super--the Vetiver scented soap lathers beautifully, leave my skin moist rather than dried out and the scent, tho light, lingers..... As for the Calendula Clay Mask, thanks a million!"

Wendy G. from Lake Mills, IA --"I love your soap and I sure do miss Austin! So I had to do a Sampler since I am not able to see you on 6th St. during Pecan St. Festivals any more. But I did enjoy 19 years of them, so I Am blessed. Ya Gotta Love Austin! Thanks again!"

Little Girl at the Westlake Farmers Market --"If I were a millionaire, I would buy one of each!"

Marie B. Round Rock, TX --"I received my order and wanted to let you know how happy I am with everything. Thank you so much for the suggestion about putting the (hemp seed) oil in my hair!----immediate results!! My hair has been dry lately and this has really done the trick. "

May S. Austin, TX --"Thank you again for another fun-filled ordering opportunity. I really enjoy your products. Austin Natural Soap has definitely become one of my favorite household names. I have turned so many people on to it. Y'all are the best! I appreciate all of the quality in service you provide as well as the products. "

Melissa H. from McKinleyville, CA --"I just wanted to thank you so much for the great soap i ordered from you! You make a natural product of true quality. I will definitely be ordering again when my 2 bars run out, and i can't wait to try all the different kinds!! "

Julie M. from Austin, TX --"Thanks for the latest order, Brian and Annette - this is really great stuff! And I love the sample of Vetiver you sent, that's going on my favorites list. I had planned to give some of these as gifts but don't think they're gonna make it out of the house. :)"

Joanne B. from San Diego, CA --"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your products! They saved my feet! They were REALLY badly calloused, especially on my heels....and now they are all soft and new! I used the dead sea salts and soaked my feet until the water got cold, then used my pumice stone, then used your brown sugar scrub (yum!!), and then slathered them with the whipped shea butter. My feet and I thank you!"

Kelly M. from Austin, TX --"I first bought one of your soaps at the ACL festival and have been staying stocked up ever since, as well as keeping my out of-state-friends stocked up!! Thank you for making a fine, quality product."

Marcia K. from Austin, TX --"Thanks so much for the "special delivery" of the Devil Duckies! I know my staff will appreciate a Halloween treat that's not the same old candy. Whenever I can, I try to spread the word about your soaps--they are truly wonderful. "

Sarah H. from Austin, TX --"As a native Austinite and lover of body care products, I am excited about a company, based in Austin, making Texas themed products... The Texas Peach was fantastic, I anticipate the Ruby Red and Chili Pepper. Thank y'all for existing..."

Sharon H. from Smithville, TX --"...I need to go back to Whole Foods to get some more Hippie Hollow soap because my hubby is now using it too....A BIG plus...I have a chemical sensitivity thing working with me cause I have had Lyme disease....well guess what....Your soap does NOT break me out..."

Karen G. from Upland, CA --" I was in Austin on business a couple of weeks ago and purchased one of your Coco butter soaps at Whole Foods. It was simply the best soap ever! I have very dry skin and travel for work so the different climates are a killer. Thanks for offering a great product and I'll be sure tell all my family and friends where they can order it! "

Heather F. from Austin, TX --" mom loved what I got her for Mother's Day. Your soap lasts forever, lathers well and isn't drying. I buy it at Wheatsville and give it as gifts. "

Gary R. from Austin, TX --"I'm an old dead head (among many musical hats) in Austin. Thanks for making your product available. We're trying to go completely green in my household. We have so many friends and family with cancer. At least we can change what we use in our own house and put in and on our bodies. "

Liz R. from Austin, TX --"I'm a huge fan of your products! It's great to see you at the Westlake farmer's market every week!...The basket will be just the thing she needs before her wedding! Thanks again for running a great business Austin can be proud of!"

Rita M. from Azle, TX --"I was given some of your soap for a Christmas gift from my son. I have enjoyed your soap so very much, I would like to get more. Your soap is the BEST!"

Kurt B. from San Antonio, TX --"Fresh out of the shower after using your Hippie Hollow soap for the very first time and just wanted to let you know how very impressed I am with it. I have sensitive skin and have been using Dove for years, but despite its claims of being gentle & non-drying, my face always feels tight (even somewhat chapped) if I don't slap on some moisturizer immediately after using it. I am pleased to report that this is not the case with your soap. THANK YOU for saving my skin! --literally!! I look forward to trying the other two varieties of your soap that I purchased and to making future purchases. "

Deanna H. from Bismarck, AR --"I just received my first order of your natural soaps about 3 days ago, and am so happy. They aren't like most natural soaps. They actually lather! They smell nice. They look very nice, not ugly like most natural soaps. I can actually put it in my bathroom and not hide it from visitors! It also has a very silky later! Plus, it cleans well. I have been using it in the shower daily, and to wash the make-up off of my face at night, and I dont have to keep repeating like I usually do...Thank you so much! Also just so you know, I initially bought due to the fact that you had monthly specials, and free shipping on first orders. Great idea!"

Karen A. from Austin, TX --"Just a note of thanks (if I have not told you ) for my picture on your web site ( wow, on the same page as Peter Rowan !! ) and also for making these fantastic products. I buy from you, wherever you are set up !! All my friends and relatives love these gifts !!! "

Mavis T. from Austin, TX --"I have recieved my order, and I am more than pleased. I really love that Ginger Spice lipbalm; the soaps I have yet to try, although they smell great. Also the perfume stick--genius! Thanks a lot! "

Sally Q. from Austin, TX --"I bought several of your products yesterday at the Davenport Farmer's Market. I am very, very pleased with the quality and price of your products. I intend to do alot of my Christmas shopping with you. So many people just complain these days and I wanted you to know how much I love the soaps. Thanks for offering such a fine product. "

Gina C. from Scarsdale, NY --"Just wanted to tell you I have been using your Honey Oatmeal and Olive Oil soaps and they are wonderful. I have acne/oily prone skin and it has really made a difference on how my skin looks."

Matthew G. from Buda, TX --"I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I bought a bar of Silicon Cowboy (of course I had to, as I’m in the Tech industry and a Hays County hick) and fell in love with it. My wife thinks it’s hilarious that a man who wouldn’t even use Dove because it was too “girly” is now ordering his soap online. I have really fallen in love with the scent, and I enjoy the scrubbing I get from the ... (apricot seeds). Keep up the great work, and I’m looking forward to my first online order!! "

Jennifer F. from Orlando, FL --"Wanted to thank you for the shipment of "Soapstones." I am giving them as thank you gifts to my dearest friends for helping my husband and me with our upcoming public declaration of wedding vows...Wonderful things come from Austin, it seems. .... Thank you again for your great site, great customer service and wonderful products."

Albert B. from Austin, TX --"Thank you for adding the Bluegrass soap to your online sales. It is great! Keep up the good work!!"

Shinobu Azukizawa from Tokyo, Japan - "Oh! I'm very happy! Your new product! Japan's handmaid soaps fan's to very rejoice me too! Thank you very very much! Your kindness Correspondence !!!!! Many many thanks for you!"

Kathy V. from Austin, TX --"I just wanted to tell you I think your site is GREAT!! It's so beautiful, and one can navigate around easily. Plus, your product looks so nice. There is alot of selection, and the price is really good."

Kathy F. from Austin, TX -- "We got the soaps two days ago. My husband and I had used Tea Tree and Oatmeal Honey before and knew we loved them. Used the Mother Earth yesterday and it's wonderful!!"

Georgia J. from Austin, TX -- "I recently purchased one of your bath salts (lavendar and chamomile) at The Hills Fitness Center where I work out. I absolutely love it! The calming scent fills my house long after my bath!"

Joan K. from Austin, TX -- "I received my order yesterday and wanted to say "thank you"!! Your extra touches on personalizing my gift basket were fantastic! I love it!! It will make the perfect gift... "

Jerretta W. from Austin, TX -- " My husband recently gave me a bar of your soap--Lavender--and it smells wonderful! I love your concept and I love the fact that you are a local business. I am glad to have found your product. Thank you."

Kristina M. from Austin, TX -- "I absolutely *LOVE* your soap!!! The size & longevity of the bars~for the price, is wonderful!!! Now that I'm addicted to your beautiful creations, I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me!!! Thanks again, for the free shipping on my first order!!
Grateful love, Kristina M.~Austin, Tx."

Chandra B. from Austin, TX -- " I never thought I'd salivate over soap, but yours have really got me drooling."

Katherin C. from Austin, TX -- "...wanted to say thanks for the first-time order, free shipping (an added bonus) and to say keep up the good work. I love the Wake Up bar and can't wait to try the others I ordered."

Craig S. from Austin, TX -- " Love y'alls soap. I'm going to have to order more. I'm spoiled now, I don't think I can use store soap anymore. "

Tony N. from Austin, TX -- " I think I'm addicted to Hippie Hollow...must be the hemp seed oil. "

Jane S. from Scottsdale, AZ -- " I love my soap....especially the Texas Bluebonnet which I'm using right now. I'm hooked! "

Laura K. from Huntsville, TX -- " WOW! I smell good! "

Lottie C. from Sugarland, TX -- " I love your web site! "

Rhonda G. from Austin, TX -- " I just received my first order and must tell you that I love your soaps and more than that, I am excited by the fact that you support worthy causes, such as SOSA and saving Barton Springs. "

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