OUTCAST Soap Sampler

OUTCAST Soap Sampler

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Product Description

Thank you for adopting our little ones! 

We appreciate your generosity in offering our babies a permanent home. :)
You are in for a treat! This is a great way to try our soaps and find your new favorites. Your box contains a description of the seven Outcasts you have saved. Each batch of boxes contains a different grouping, so check back with us for more adopting opportunities. 

Each box contains seven soap samples with a total weight of 11-12 oz. 

Current Boxes contain : 
Chai Tea (dark brown)
Poteet Strawberry (red poppy seed)
Barton Springs Eternal(green swirl)
Rosemary Mint(earthy green)
Lavender Oatmeal(pale purple w/oats)
Bluegrass(blue & green swirl)