Texas Mountain Laurel

Texas Mountain Laurel

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Product Description

Texas Mountain Laurels are blooming everywhere this Springtime!💜Do you love💜them as much as I do?! Try our TEXAS MOUNTAIN LAUREL SOAP! It's created with an amazing blend of pure essential oils that capture the light grape floral scent of these Texas treasures. Topped off with creamy organic COCOA BUTTER and organic JOJOBA oil, this soap will leave your skin smooth and soft!

Texas Mountain Laurels grow wild in central/south Texas and are also called mescal bean. The plant is tought and drought tolerant...like a lot of Texans we know! The soaps' purple color comes from oil-infused alkanet roots. No Mountain Laurels have been harmed to create this soap. Enjoy! 

All Austin Natural Soap bars weigh in at a generous 4.5 ounces.