Texas Peach 4.5 oz. Soap

Texas Peach 4.5 oz. Soap

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Product Description

This SWEET, JUICY beauty is wonderfully realistic and peachy! 

Florida ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL blended with just the right amount of a skin-safe fine Peach Fragrance Oil are combined to produce the perfect TEXAS PEACH. 

Extra emollient PALMA CHRISTI OIL (castor oil) has been added to produce the rich, creamy lather. Paprika gives this soap mild natural exfoliation. A year-round favorite!

All Austin Natural Soap bars weigh in at a generous 4.5 ounces.

Texas Peach contains saponified oils of coconut, sustainable palm, olive, rice bran, organic sunflower, and palma christi oil, orange essential oil,  paprika, and phthalate-free fragrance oil.