Code: 78704



Product Description

Keep Austin weird! Influenced by eclectic South Austin, our 78704 soap is a colorful combination of our most popular Austin soaps - Hippie Hollow, Barton Springs Eternal, and Tie-Dye. 78704 is also scented with CLARY SAGE, ORANGE, LAVENDER, YLANG YLANG, and PATCHOULI essential oils. CLARY SAGE, known as "clear eye' or 'clear head', is said to encourage vivid dreams and clear inner visions. It is often used in meditative sessions.

Aromatherapists say ORANGE is cheering to the spirit, PATCHOULI and YLANG YLANG are aphrodisiacs, and LAVENDER helps relieve stress and works as a general skin healer. The perfect blend for the best zip code in Austin!

All Austin Natural Soap bars weigh in at a generous 4.5 ounces.