Argan Oil - 1 oz.

Argan Oil - 1 oz.

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Product Description

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this age-old beauty secret revitalizes, hydrates and softens your face, body, and nails and consistently restores shine to dull lifeless hair. Argan Oil is also known to reduce appearance of wrinkles while acting as a UV-protector and free-radical neutralizer. Argan is nature's anti-aging, skin-smoothing superfood for the skin!

Suggested Uses:

  • Great as a hair/beard conditioner
  • After bath or shower - apply to wet skin & pat dry
  • Light-weight massage oil - alone or mixed with your favorite essential oil
  • Facial Moisturizer - apply a small amount to damp or wet skin & allow to dry naturally
  • Apply directly to any rough spots!

  • Argan Oil weighs 1 oz. is packaged in a dark amber glass bottle.