Bergamot Essential Oil - 1/2 oz.

Bergamot Essential Oil - 1/2 oz.

Code: BergEO-halfoz



Product Description

Botanical name: Citrus bergamia
Distillation method: Cold pressed
Suggested aromatherapy uses: useful for anxiety, depression, and stress relaxed conditions, having a refreshing and uplifting quality
Suggested uses: Inhaled, it relaxes the nervous system and acts as a digestive. Also used as an expectorant, gargle for a sore throat, inhaled for anxiety and depression, used for a variety of skin problems. It may be used as an inhalation for respiratory tract infections such as tonsilitis and bronchitis. It is a valuable antiseptic for the urinary tract and infections and inflammation such as cystitis.
Fragrance: uplifting, spicy, sweet; like orange and lemons with floral overtones; citrus spice with a high floral note. Bergamot imparts that unusual flavor to Earl Grey tea. It was and still is an important ingredient in the classic Eau de Cologne formula
Usage warnings: Bergamot is a photosensitizer (increases the skin reaction to sunlight and makes it more likely to burn)