Camping Soap 4.5 oz.

Camping Soap 4.5 oz.

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Product Description

Perfect for the camper, hiker, or nature lover in your life! 

Our Camping Soap will keep the buzzing, stinging, and creepy crawling bugs away using our tried & true blend of plant-based essential oils. 
LEMON EUCALYPTUS has been proven to be as effective as DEET and LAVENDER and CEDARWOOD round out the bug repellent mix.
NEEM oil, with it's skin-healing and antimicrobial properties is soothing to the skin and helps reduce inflammation and itching.

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All of our soaps weigh in at a Texas-sized 4.5 ounces.

Camping Soap contains saponified oils of coconut, palm, olive, rice bran, sunflower, and neem, water, and lemon eucalyptus essential oil, turmeric powder, cedarwood essential oil, and lavender essential oil.