Candy Kisses 4.5 oz. Soap

Candy Kisses 4.5 oz. Soap

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Product Description

💋Candy Kisses is an Austin Natural Soap exclusive scent! 💋

Pure plant-based essential oils and select skin-safe fragrance oils are combined to produce this fruity, spicy and sweet blend. Top notes of bergamot, lemon, and strawberry combined with middle notes of coconut, cassia, cinnamon, and apple, blended with base notes of clove, rose, and vanilla - Candy Kisses is totally unique - just like you! 

The dark purple color is created with oil-infused alkanet root powder and mica powder. To make this luxurious soap even more special, we have added Palma Christi Oil. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein, Palma Christi Oil is a wonderful treat for dry skin. 

Just for Valentine's Day, we've added a TO: and FROM: greeting on the back of the label. 

CANDY KISSES contains saponified oils of coconut, palm (RSPO Certified Sustainable), olive, ricebran, organic sunflower, and palma christi, water, essential oils, fragrance oils, alkanet root powder, and mica powder.