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We use quality essential oils with a purpose. Most of our herbal soaps use plant extracts that the Romans and Greeks used.

We have over 30 varieties of natural soap - you'll never get bored with us!

All of our natural soap is hand-cut, hand-trimmed, and hand-polished to a shine just for you!

All of our handmade soaps contain extra moisturizing specialty oils (ie. Avocado, Cocoa Butter, Hempseed, Jojoba, Palma Christi, Shea Butter, or Sweet Almond) .

We care about the environment and use recycled and/or reusable containers and packaging whenever possible.

We give back to nature and the community by donating proceeds of our sales of Soaps for a Cause.

Austin Natural Soap
is personally created and handmade, not manufactured by machines in big corporations.

We NEVER test on (non-human) animals - only willing friends and family.
We do NOT use animal products (or by-products)!

And, the #1 Reason to Buy Austin Natural Soap.....

Our Mission

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